Are you our Target Market?

Our target market is typical New Zealand business and professional firms. That is 1 to 30 people.
Mostly these businesses and firms cannot justify one full-time sales & marketing person, let alone a whole team each with their own skill.
So, after agreeing to a plan of action we do the selling and marketing for you.
We always fit within your budget – anything upwards from 2 hours per week.

Why bring Peacock Business Growth on board?

To Grow

The primary reason is to grow your top line.

To Plan

The first step in this is developing a sales & marketing plan. For many businesses and professions it can be done in 2 sessions of just 60 to 90 minutes each. It is not a lot of time to put aside for clarity and focus for growth.

To Achieve

Then it comes to action. We cooperate with you to ensure your sales & marketing is successful. Our primary service is to do the selling and marketing for you. This frees you up to focus on what you are skilled at, what you enjoy and managing your business. It is like having a sales & marketing department but without the overheads.

Your Budget

Peacock Business Growth always fits within your budget. We will do your selling and marketing from 2 hours a week – whatever is applicable for your business and your budget. It is amazing what can be accomplished with a concentrated focus for a short time.


This saves you setting up a computer, desk, mobile, car and other overheads that must be spent when you employ a sales & marketing person.

About Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Brian has grown several businesses. Firstly in the food industry. As a management trainee he was given a small and fledgling business to manage. Turnover tripled in less than 2 years.
Then he moved into real estate where he peaked at selling 48 houses in one year.
Having built a small residential real estate investment portfolio over this time, he used this asset to buy a food manufacturing business. This business tripled turnover in 3 years. This business continued to grow even during the share market crash and the subsequent property market crash of 1987 and the following recession.
Since there was no worthwhile business to buy during this recession he did some small-scale property development – and sold over half his properties in the first week of listing. This was during a period that most people considered a recession.

From there to a manufacturing company in partnership with the chemist and one other. In this business we set the foundations and processes of the business to give it a good foundation for growth.
Then to another food manufacturing company where he helped the owner gain a massive increase of turnover in 6 months. These products were sold through supermarkets. Getting products on the supermarket shelves is always a challenge as there are far more products than shelf space for them.

After that Brian bought another food manufacturing business. This time selling through the route trade and a wholesaler as well as through supermarkets.
When he sold that business to a large food manufacturer he went into insurance brokering. Here he was able to own his own book of business. After 15 years of steadily building this the company he was contracting to sold to a large corporate. Since Brian is more comfortable with Kiwi businesses and because he could see the opportunity to grow many Kiwi businesses he formed Peacock Business Growth.


Brian has 48 years’ experience at growing businesses – struggling businesses and thriving businesses.

Don’t just survive – Make sure you thrive.

So, how can we work alongside you so that you and your business thrive?