Our Services

Flashing your feathers for you.

Good execution is hard to find. Often the problem is not about strategy itself,
but about the execution of it.

Although strategy is critical to business success, 90% of strategies worldwide fail because of poor execution. Hence execution (the action plan being carried out) is of very high priority.

Sales & Marketing

Our primary role is to do your selling and marketing for you. That is the execution of your sales & marketing plan. It is like having a sales & marketing department – but without the overheads.
In order to do this, we look at your vision, goal(s), strategy, and action plan. Then we will get into action and develop your business for you.

  1. This frees you up to focus on what you are skilled at.
  2. What would happen if your sales showed continuous growth while you focused on managing your business?
  3. If your sales & marketing were taken care of how much time would that free up?

Stopping promoting your business to save money is about as sensible as

stopping your watch to save time.

Sales Coaching

There are many roles where you have to do the selling face to face with people yourself. However, many business and professional people are trained and skilled in their field of expertise, but have never had training in selling. Sales coaching can be considered an important part of your continuing personal and professional development.
Just to clarify a common misconception of selling – Many people consider selling to be thrusting a product or service onto someone who does not need or want it. Nothing could be further from the truth for a good salesperson.
One of the points made in the Peacock Business Growth seminar Seven Steps to Effective Sales Presentations is a comparison with sports and sales.

– They are both a game

– They both involve teamwork

– They are both about winning

– BUT In sports we win OVER someone else. In sales we win FOR the other person.

– Put another way selling is serving.

So Peacock Business Growth will coach yourself and/or your people to serve your prospects and clients – so that you develop a wonderful reputation as your sales continue to grow. Because everyone is at a different spot, coaching is personalised to meet the needs of each individual. While we have sales training seminars available this personalised coaching is of great benefit.

What sports team ever won consistently without a coach?

Why choose Peacock Business Growth?

To achieve more leads and more sales. A lot of business issues are sorted by improving the top line.

To free you up to concentrate on the many other hats that must be worn in a business.

To give you more time for the things you enjoy.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner you must
plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”
Zig Ziglar

So, what goal would you like us to achieve with and for you?

 How can you use the services of Peacock Business Growth to benefit your business?

  • You can use us as your sole sales & marketing team.
  • You can use us to supplement your current sales & marketing.
  • For example, you may keep your current team on existing markets while we explore new markets for you.
  • Or you may have seasonal peaks.
  • You can use us to fulfil a skill you do not have in-house.
  • You can use us to assist with your sales & marketing planning.
  • You can use us to train your current sales team.