Speedy Signs

I must say thanks so much for helping me grow my business. I appreciate your assistance with selling, sales analysis and marketing.
The business to business sales introductions you provided (for less than one year) have produced superb results and are continuing to do so even though you ceased selling for me several months ago. It was your selling on a part-time basis that built the business to the point where I could employ a full-time sales person. This service of yours has acted as a stepping stone – not only to enable this full-time employment – but also as a significant step in the growth of this business.
I find your monthly analysis of my sales very valuable. You analyse my sales in a way that the computer does not – aligning them with the 5 year goals we set together and this analysis is very useful with my decision making.
In addition, your encouraging attitude would be a positive attribute in any business. So, this note is to say thanks for all your input.

Brent Smith
Speedy Signs Newton