Thomas Consultants

Over the past year we have engaged the services of Peacock Business Growth to make introductory calls to introduce our services to a number of prospective clients. Over this time Brian has worked methodically and professionally first developing the list and script and then calling the agreed contacts.
Thomas Consultants also carries out various digital marketing strategies including Google AdWords, content marketing and social media, and we have found the phone calls Brian has made complement these programmes.
One advantage of the phone calls is that we were able to reach the right person, and Brian was successful in setting up business meetings so we had the opportunity of meeting these decision makers in person.
We have found Brian highly organised with great communication skills and easy to deal with. His natural enthusiasm for the role and life/business experience puts him a head and shoulders above many others.
Thomas Consultants is happy to recommend the services of Peacock Business Growth. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

Richard Thomas
Managing Director Thomas Consultants