Valet Plumbing

I wanted to say that I very much appreciate your ‘old school’ way of drumming up work. We set a target market together. Then you simply got on the phone, rang the owners of the businesses and had a chat about our plumbing services.
In most cases these business owners did not need our services immediately. But making contact and providing information about Valet Plumbing has produced some excellent results over time. From your work, I have been able to meet many business owners and work has developed from there.
In my opinion, this is better than having someone scroll through a website Then our services just become one of many; nothing special, just another plumber. But by seeking out who is interested and then having a great initial chat we have been able to explain the benefits of our services. Then develop some on-going relationships with good business coming from them. And they are all good payers – which we wouldn’t be able to say if people contacted us at random through a website or other digital methods.
We have definitely got bang for our bucks from your old-school method of developing relationships. I have been lured into other forms of marketing – but nothing beats the old method of ringing and saying “Hi …”. Not everyone can do it, but you have done a great job.

Greg Chichester